Where can you fly to from Exeter Airport?

Where can you fly to from Exeter Airport?With many of us are thinking about squeezing in a last minute holiday, budget considerations are often a priority. Luckily there are a number of operators that boast a variety of cheap flights, all of which are featured at several UK airports.

Exeter airport is one such airport that houses a range of options when it comes to last-minute getaways. The airport itself is roughly situated 10km from the city centre, which makes it extremely easy to get too. This is regardless of whether you opt to drive or alternatively choose public transport.

Airport parking

Inside the airport, you will be met with a series of parking options. Some of these include short and long stay parking facilities. Most UK airports suggest booking a parking space online prior to the date of travel. Despite this, holidaymakers are able to book on the day if they wish to do so.

One of the many virtues driving has to offer lies in the fact that such a method of transport is hassle-free. There are no hefty taxi fees to struggle with and no heavy bags to contend with. Those that wish to invest in such an option can do so online. When customers book with Flybe, they are met with a variety of extras. Such extras come in the shape of parking, hire cars, travel insurance and extra baggage. Those that choose to book online often acquire a discount of some sort.

Public transport

Travellers opting for public transport will be pleased to know of the many stations are located within the vicinity, all of which are easily accessible by taxi. In order to both begin and end your holiday in a hassle-free manner, there is an airport taxi located directly outside the arrivals terminal. Passengers returning to the UK don’t require a booking in order to take full advantage of this service.

Customers choosing flights from Exeter airport with Flybe are able to take full advantage of the readily available internet access. Frequent travellers can check both emails and surf the web using WiFi access. This comes as great news to those that are travelling for business.

Exeter airport and Flybe currently boast over 40 destinations from this exact airport. Each and every destination can be viewed online at Flybe. Customers wishing to travel to any one of the available destinations can do so by visiting the companies’ online website. Printable boarding passes and online check-in is also available using this method and as such, boasts a hassle-free way to travel to your desired destination.

Travellers that are flexible about their dates will often receive the best deals. The easiest way to search for the cheapest fares is to use the low-fare finder option. This will allow access to an array of flights taking place around the times you wish to travel. A certain time may prove to be a much cheaper option than that of a later time.

When it comes to booking a last-minute deal, it is always a wise idea to consider all available options, especially if you wish to save a few pennies here and there.